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Laura L Cotton

Serving the Cleveland, Ohio area

Healthful. Hassle-free. Delicious meals.

"I cannot begin to tell you what an impact you have had on our quality of life! Coming home after a busy day to a kitchen filled with yummy aromas and our refrigerator filled with food is such a treat! I can now focus on my family instead of stressing about what we'll figure out at the last minute for dinner."
-Meriweather M

Tastefully Prepared & Elegantly Presented
Personal Chef Laura L Cotton Cleveland Ohio Healthful Delicious Hassle-Free Meals


Laura Cotton’s passion is food.


Scratch that. Her passion is bringing people together through food.


Whether it was learning to cook with grandmother Cotton and gramma Kern for the family meal, the gourmet club she founded to share her creations with friends, or finally trading in a business suit for an apron to become a certified professional chef, Laura has recognized the value of the delicous meal.


And that’s what she wants to do for busy professionals, families with hectic schedules or anyone who wants to live a more healthful life. Take the hassle out of meal planning and preparation to focus on what really matters.


Laura spent more than a decade on the east coast perfecting her culinary skills and building an in-demand business. She was a regular on Washington DC’s NBC4 as a guest chef for their ‘tricks of the trade’ segments, helped create the USPCA’s Chesapeake Chapter as its founding president, and served on their National Advisory Council.


Now, she’s back in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, serving clients throughout the metro area.


"After making up my mind to change my lifestyle, I was most concerned about how to work in the special diet portion. I would have trouble finding the ingredients, let alone figure out how to cook them! As my needs changed, you continued to come up with creative ways to make it delicious and interesting. I feel better now than I have in my whole life. Forever grateful!"
-Cheryl B

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How It Works

 Just like any good relationship, it starts with getting to know you.


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